Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Studies

Algebra & Vector Geometry


General Calculus
Vector Calculus
Advanced Calculus
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations


Numerical Analysis


Electrical Circuit Analysis
Electrical Power & Machines


Mechanical Design Fundamentals
Machine Tool Analysis
Noise Analysis & Control


Material Structure & Properties
Control of Material Properties


Manufacturing Processes
Design of Manufacturing Systems


General Engineering Practice
Managerial & Engineering Economics
Engineering Experimentation & Reporting


Transmission Line Loudspeaker project (2 terms)

General Chemistry
General Physics
Physics Mechanics
Physics Dynamics


Machine Kinematics & Dynamics
Deformable Solid Mechanics (2 terms)
Thermodynamics (2 terms)
Fluid Mechanics (2 terms)
Heat Transfer


Control System Fundamentals
Fluid Power Control Systems
Automation & Robotics
Numerical Control of Machine Tools (G-Code)

Structured (FORTRAN) Programming  <-- SW
Digital Computation & Applied Logic (Gates)  
<-- SW-ish
Microprocessors (6502 Assembly)  
<-- SW-ish

Computer Control project (ADC/PWM via ASM/BASIC) <-- SW-ish


Introductory Psychology
Social Psychology


Introduction to (Classical) Music
Popular Music & Culture
Computer Applications in Music


Graduate Mechanical Engineering Studies

Simulation & Modelling
Robot Manipulator Dynamics
Advanced Vibration Analysis
Walking Machines (directed study)
Continuous Control Systems (directed study)
Optimal Control Systems
Guidance, Navigation and Control

Thesis Guidance & Control of a Planetary Rover