Guitar Speaker Cabinets
 12-inch Open-back Guitar Cabinets
General Description

These speaker cabinets were designed by amalgamating parameters for other '1x12' cabinets, made by a few other brand name manufacturers (who's initials or acronyms might be MB and MM). They use the very common (roughly) tuned open-back approach, which gives a fair bit tone character. They certainly aren't muddy sounding, and in fact you might soften the high-end and push the low-end, for a nice warm, thick (but not dead!) sound. The 12" drivers used are specifically for guitar. The boxes themselves are made from heavy plywood, glued and screwed together at many points, and the drivers are protected by tough (flexible) steel mesh grills, that are removable. Connection to each unit is made using a 1/4" phone jack at the rear.