Impromptu Records

Other Stuff to Occupy Oneself

R&L - This thing is short, and seems handy for checking-out downloading and playing of MP3's.

WinAmp - Go here to download the WinAmp MP3 player. - Go here to get diskful of tunes.

Assorted Stuff

Coffee for a Squire - An ode to coffee discovery by Bill and the Olive Street Band, recorded/produced by Bill.

Furnace Man - Another song by Bill involving waiting in a cold house.

If You Paid Me To - A rough mix of a song by Max van de Kamp.

It Must Be Great To Live Without Me - Another rough mix of a song by Max van de Kamp.

INSANE - A ditty put together by CMC.

PHASE - This thing is handy for checking-out the relative phase between left and right channels. When the out-of-phase signals are present, the voice should be more difficult to localize (generally less well centred), relative to the normal in-phase sound. If listening in mono, the voice should be just about inaudible when the signals are out-of-phase. If any of this seems opposite when you listen, then your channels are somehow out-of-phase.