The New York City Visit 2018

Day 1



The Chrysler Building

The Empire State Building (Our Friend)

Day 2

Long Sleeves Day

Ubiquitous Water Towers

Weird Stairs

Woman Proclamation

Glass Roof

Chelsea Birds

Fancy Digs on High Line

The Map

Our Friend Saying Hi

Something About a Book

Our Buddy Again

Day 3


Spindly Dude

Skinny People With Big Feet

Head 1

Head 2

Tall (and Short)

The Elderado

Yet Another of The Elderado

Some Other Fancy Place and Turtles

Extra Very Expensive Place

Rock But Not 30 Rock

Lego Immersion

Day 4

Goat Art

30 Rock and Probably the Previous Rock

Radio City with Authentic Dead Neon Tubes